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We deeply appreciate the role of the wider Uniting Church.   We invite those visiting our website to explore the different links, from our own Presbytery of the Downs, through to our Synod and the resources under their banner.  We especially thank South Moreton Presbytery for their information on same gender marriage and the history of this Assembly decision.  A huge thank you to Mr Greg Seymour from Glebe Road Uniting Church Ipswich who has been so generous with his time, talents and treasure in giving us the Divi theme used to build this website.


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Support for the Leichhardt Patrol can now be given through the Queensland Government’s recently introduced scheme, “Containers for Change.” When taking eligible containers to designated Containers for Change collection points, quoting the following Scheme Number will ensure that the ten cent refund ($0.10) per container goes to the Presbytery of the Downs in support of the Leichhardt Patrol. Although ten cents per container may not sound like a lot, we can work together to do something good for the environment as well a raising a useful amount for the Leichhardt Patrol.

SCHEME ID: C10090389

The following list of eligible beverage containers is from the Containers for Change website

Most aluminium, glass, plastic, steel and liquid paperboard beverage containers between 150ml and three litres are eligible for a refund when returned to a container refund point. To be eligible the beverage container must:

  •  Have contained a beverage product that is not excluded from the scheme. For example, cordials and plain milk are not included in the scheme so containers that have held these products are not eligible for a refund
  • Display the refund mark. This is so that the container refund point operator can see if the container is part of the scheme. Most containers will already have a refund mark for SA and NT and these containers are eligible under Containers for Change. Beverage manufacturers have until 1 December 2019 to display the new refund mark on their containers
  • Be an approved container. Some containers are made out of materials that cannot be recycled. These containers may not be approved (by the Queensland Government) as an eligible container as the scheme requires that when a refund is paid on a container that container must be recycled.

For further information, go to: https://www.containersforchange.com.au/how-it-works

Warwick Containers for Change depots:

Re.Turn-it @ Lifeline, Warwick

30 King Street, Warwick

Opening hours: Mon-Fri 9am to 4.30pm Sat 9am to 1pm

Type: Drop-offs

Payment: EFT via Scheme ID


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