07 4661 1080 warwick@wkuc.org.au


to the Uniting Church in

Warwick,  Killarney & Freestone


Sunday Worship:

  • Warwick
    • 9:30am Traditional Family Worship
    • 5:30pm Intergenerational worship in Williams Hall, meal included
  • Killarney
    • 8:30am each Sunday of each month apart from:
      • The 2nd Sunday of each month is shared between Killarney Uniting, Roman Catholic and Anglican churches.  It still meets 8:30am but we advise checking our Notices to see which Church is hosting the Service.
      • the 5th Sunday which meets 10am and is ecumenical.
    • Sunday School on 4th Sunday of each month
  • Freestone
    • 2:00pm on the second Sunday of each month


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