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If you are passing through our towns, or looking for a new church home, you would be very welcome to come and meet us.

Better still, come and join us for our Friday Courtyard Coffee!

Early in the new year, we hold a lunch to welcome new members.  Here we can introduce our group leaders , get to know each other, answering any questions that may have come up.

We invite newcomers to fill out a Pastoral Care form.  It is confidential, it is not passed on to telemarketers.  It is used to help us provide better care for our members.

Pastoral Care

Members and visitors are encouraged to fill out Pastoral Care Cards, located in the pews, so we can offer a deeper pastoral care.  Through this, each person can have a leader praying for them specifically each day.  We encourage our leaders to get to know the people they are praying for so prayer is more personal.

Pastoral Care is important to us.

We seek to be Christ’s hands and feet through:

  • Home visitation, including home Communion
  • Hospital visitation
  • Caring for those in need
  • Being church family for newcomers and visitors

 Our desire is to live life together,  especially when life is tough.  To live our lives as a faith family,  following in Christ’s footsteps.