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We understand that worship is about more than just what we do on a Sunday morning. We seek to honour God with our daily lives as we serve the community and support each other. Our worship services are held in a variety of styles, helping us to grow in our faith and discipleship. Come and join us for worship this Sunday!

Our Worship Committees

  • support the 2 morning Warwick Services through:
  • Organising projection to screens for responses and singing
  • Assisting the Preacher with organising the Worship
  • Praying before and during the Service

A big thank you to our sound box group, organising microphones



Music: The blessing of music, spirituality expressed in sound and word

Band:  We have a dedicated band for the 8:30 contemporary service on Sunday, including pianists on the clavinova, guitarists, a drummer and singers who practice to make sure new songs are introduced in a confident way.

Pipe Organ:  We are fortunate to have a working pipe organ in Warwick and people who can play it.

Are you musical?  We would love to hear from you.


The Service times below can change for special meetings.  Any change will be noted on our calendar and on our weekly Notice sheet.
2pm on the 2nd Sunday of each month.
8:30am every Sunday, unless it is a 5th Sunday of the month.  On the 5th Sunday, the Uniting Church is part of an ecumenical group sharing services for all at 10am on a rostered basis.
  • Contemporary Worship: 8:30am
  • Traditional Worship: 10am
  • Evening Worship: 6:30pm informal worship with a meal, discussion, DVD and worship


Taking Worship to Aged Care Facilities:
  • Akooramak, an Aged Care facility in Warwick 10:45-11:15 each Monday.  Team members are welcomed, whether the residents attend worship or not.  It is non-denominational in attendance with all welcome.
  • Killarney Memorial Aged Care 9am each Thursday

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Warwick. 4370.

Church office attended 9.30 am – 12 noon Weekdays

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