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” Stewardship is not about raising money; it’s about raising Christians who willingly trust God.


The Finance and Property Committee shall assist the Parish council in fulfilling its responsibilities for corporate governance and overseeing the Parish’s;

  • financial monitoring and reporting;
  • risk management systems and reporting;
  • property portfolio, and
  • internal and external audit functions.

The primary responsibility of the Committee is to report monthly to the Parish council and provide appropriate advice and recommendations on matters related to the Parish’s corporate reporting processes and risk-management and compliance framework, in order to facilitate decision-making by the Council. Specifically, the Finance and Property Committee have oversight of the financial and risk develop budget aligned to the strategic and operational direction for approval by the Parish annual meeting  The budget is controlled and monitored on a monthly basis by comparing costs, revenues and actual performance with the budget so that, if necessary, it can be reviewed and corrective measures can be applied. Members form a resource team, handling financial commitments and income. 

The Committee examines and endorses monthly expenditure, expenditure has been approved by 2 signatories to the accounts either by cheque or electronically, and all income is receipted and the counting of the offering must abide by Synod regulations where at least two people are present to count.

Further, this Committee conducts regular audits and uses defined risk management processes to identify, examine and mitigate identified risks. Also, this committee has oversight of the development and maintenance of the Parish property portfolio to ensure its continued use, now and into the future.   

The income and expenditure for the full year (based on a calendar year) for all accounts held by the Church, are audited  to the standard set down by Synod by a qualified auditor appointed at the AGM and presented to the parish annual meeting.


Statistics help us identify how we are growing.  It keeps support for worship and activities in focus and is used for future planning.  

We hold Congregational Meetings every 3 months and have representatives from each congregation on our Church Council.  The ‘view from the pew’ matters and enabling communication between decision makers and the pew matters to Church Council.

We encourage all members of our congregation, whether enrolled or associate, to support these important meetings.


The Information Technology and Communication needs of the church are managed by volunteers and involve the development and maintenance of:

  • Computer equipment and systems
  • Email systems
  • Sound and projector systems
  • Website management and Social Media

Skilled and dedicated volunteers are always welcomed to assist in this ongoing aspect of ministry at Warwick Killarney UCA.

The Church office is open Monday through Friday from 9:00am – 12:00 noon and provides a service centre for contact with the minister, volunteers and the broader community.
The office is staffed by Pam Fletcher and assisted by a range of volunteers who work together to provide a positive and friendly environment that provides administrative support for the various Ministry areas of our church.

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